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    The Blog “Expert Model” vs. the “Blog Magazine” Model

    I was reading Yaro Starak’s updated “Blog Profits Blueprint” when I saw he had a chapter (page 18) titled “The Blog Expert Model Vs The Blog Magazine Model” which basically discusses which businesses model to use to monetize your blog.

    Now if you have been blogging for a while this would be nothing new. You would probably just be calling it something different to “expert model” and “magazine model”.
    He basically describes the “magazine model” as relying heavily on large volumes of traffic (and large volumes of content) to generate a decent income while the “expert model” “simply means you use your blog as a platform to demonstrate your expertise or passion for a subject where you use a high leverage monetization strategy.”
    He goes on to explain that the expert model does not need lots of traffic and lots of content but you do need high quality content.

    It’s much easier to find 100 paying customers in a year using a
    very focused expert blog, than it is to attract ten thousand visitors
    a day to your blog to make enough money from advertising. – Yaro Starak

    At the moment I operate a small online publishing company that does both, if you’ll look at my printing and signage websites you will see that it is plastered with advertising and has high volumes of content, but when you look at my Internet business blog you will notice that it hardly uses display advertising at all.

    The challenge with the “magazine model”
    The magazine model requires large volumes of traffic as it depends on advertising for revenue (either via clicks, impressions or small affiliate commissions). Not only is it difficult (and expensive) to build traffic in this day and age but with around 200 million people using Adblocking browser extensions it is getting harder to successfully pull off the “magazine model”.

    The challenge with the “expert model”
    This model is when you have either have a range of products and services that you sell directly to your audience or you are using a high value affiliate model to monetize other people’s products. However it does require some expertise about the topic you are writing about.

    The magazine model is quicker and easier to setup and requires less quality control and planning. But it is also the most difficult to earn a full time income from, whereas the “expert model” requires some kind of knowhow and you usually need a system to turn visitors into buyers such as a sales funnel.

    Yaro Starak recommends that you avoid the “magazine model” of blogging and instead focus on the “expert model” and I agree. It is much easier to build a sustainable long term Internet business using this method.

    Image credit: Fred Kuipers

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