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    How to Monetise Prewritten Content

    If you earn an income from writing online you may have some unpublished content sitting around on your hard drive gathering dust. I personally was looking for places to monetize the articles I had written would not fit on my other websites I own.

    In my view there are four ways to monetize prewritten content online:

    1. Prewritten Content Marketplaces
    Places such as Constant Content, Digital Point and the newly launched dotWriter.

    2. Publishing Platforms with revenue share
    Websites such as HubPages and Bubblews offer you are share of advertising revenue generated from your articles.

    3. Selling articles with PLR (private label rights)
    Articles are usually sold in batches around a certain topic, the same article is then sold multiple times to different people. In other words say you want $20 for an article that would sell on a content marketplace; to achieve the same goal with PLR you would sell the same article with private label rights for $2 to ten different people.

    4. Your own website/blog
    Start your own website blog and publish the content on there.

    Let’s take a critical look at each option

    1. My main concern with marketplaces was how long the articles would be “on the shelf” before someone bought them and I get paid. While this would be the best option there are not just that many people buying content off the shelf.

    2. Not a bad options if you are will to publish and forget and be happy with what little revenue share your articles will generate.

    3. Not sure how this industry is currently doing though with search engines able to detect duplicate content. I personally never liked it.

    4. The problem with your own blog is if you have content from a lot of different niches you would then be all over the place and its unlikely your site will become very successful unless the content is exceptional. That being said, I still prefer operating my own website or blog and monetizing my content that way.

    Image credit: Luca Baroncini

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