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    How to Make Money with Affiliate Marketing

    If you do not have a website or blog with a lot of traffic, affiliate marketing is one of the best ways to monetize your site as the payouts are usually more than pay-per-click advertising and less traffic is needed to run a sustainable business.

    But where to start?

    Today I will be looking at a sustainable affiliate marketing model as well as an exact plan with more details about what to promote.

    But firstly the basics
    Affiliate marketing works when an affiliate refers a customer to a vendor and the vendor gives the affiliate a commission if a sale takes place.

    How to get setup for affiliate marketing
    The template (from Wealthy Affiliate) is basically: Choose an Interest > Build a Website (or splash page) > Attract Visitors > Earn Revenue.

    The Affiliate Marketing Model
    This model is from John Chow’s “The Ultimate Online Profit Model”
    1. Choose a series of affiliate products in the same niche to promote.
    2. Create a free eBook about the niche to give away.
    3. Create a squeeze page offering the free ebook.
    4. Send traffic to squeeze page.
    5. Capture the lead coming to the squeeze page.
    6. Deploy an email auto responder to build the relationship with your new subscribers.
    7. Recommend affiliate products and services to solve your subscribers’ problem.

    So now you have an outline of the model.

    Here is an example of an exact plan in action (I'm using USD instead of ZAR in the example)
    Alex July has set himself the target of making $10 000 a month by December 2016 using this plan of action in the “make money online” niche.

    The vendors
    Wealthy Affiliate

    As you can see it is basically an example of what you will need to make money online. There is the step-by-step education (Wealthy Affilate), website hosting and domain names (BlueHost and Namecheap) and an advertising provider (Udimi).

    So now you can see in action how both Wealthy Affiliate’s template and John Chow’s model is being used above.

    Choose an Interest (make money online)
    Build a Website (Wealthy Affiliate course, BlueHost, Namecheap)
    Attract Visitors (Udimi)
    Capture the lead coming to the squeeze page and deploy an email auto responder to build the relationship with your new subscribers (Aweber).

    Alex July’s plan is to make $10 000 a month, which equates to around $333 a day, and he further explains how he will reach his goal by looking at the payouts from the various vendors he will use:
    • Wealthy Affiliate pays out $100 for every premium member that is referred. Goal: refer one premium member per day. Total: $100 a day, $3000 a month.
    • BlueHost pays $65 per successful sale. Goal: two sales per day. Total: $130 a day. $3900 a month.
    • Udimi: refer 10 prime members per month and ten buyers who spend $250 per month. Prime membership costs $30 and the affiliate’s commission is 50% of that ($15), and the commission on buyers is 15% ($37.50). So its $15 x 10 and $37.50 x 10 = $525.
    That brings a total of $7425

    If Alex is guiding people to make money online, they will also need an auto responder, Aweber starts at $19 per month pays out $5.70 for every month the person he referred uses the account. If he can sign up 500 people he will reach his $10 000 target per month. And that does not include the Namecheap commissions for domains which is 15% of sales.

    Besides setting his target Alex has also set out a plan how to achieve his target:
    1. Provide valuable information, write at least three times a week.
    2. Build a list of 10000 highly targeted Email subscribers and mail them at least three times a week
    3. Get at least 1000 highly targeted visitors to his blog every day.

    I suggest you visit his blog and download his full guide on how to plans to make $10 000 per month.

    And that’s it. With the right know-how, model and plan you can also be successful in affiliate marketing. Give it a try!

    Image credit: Lotus Head

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