Life Size Sign of Person or Cartoon Character for Campsite

Question: I am trying to find someone who can produce a life size sign of a person, either cartoon character to use as a ‘halt’ sign on our campsite. Is this possible?

Answer: Yes it is possible.

However making a once off item like that at a signage company could be quite expensive.

While you have not provided a lot of detail as life span or weather conditions. There are some options you can discuss with the signage company if you are not DIY inclined, factors to consider include budget, and longevity.

If it does not have to have cut into the silhouette of a body the most permanent solution would be to have the desired person/cartoon digitally printed onto vinyl and stuck onto steel sign board. The bottom of the signboard can be folded to create a base to stand. While you can have it laser cut into a silhouette this will only add to the cost. See below photo for an idea. Steel signboard would be the most permanent solution and would last many years – unless someone steals it.

Steel signboard sign

Second best would be having have the desired person/cartoon digitally printed onto vinyl and then stuck on corrugated plastic. Corrugated plastic unlike cardboard is waterproof but not as long lasting as steel signboard. The silhouette can then but cut with a craft knife or router/cutter. See below for some ideas.

Human size corrugated plastic cutout

Corrugated plastic cut into the shape of a bee

Easter bunny corrugated plastic

There are a few other materials that would work but is a bit more expensive, and others won’t last as long.

I don’t know exactly what you are wanting to achieve or your budget, cheaper options include getting one of those movie poster cutouts from a cinema (usually cardboard so rain will soak it), or even trying to purchase a mannequin second hand which would be cheaper than making a cutout from scratch.

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