Tyre Recycling

Recycling tyres is the process of recycling vehicle tyres that are no longer suitable for use on vehicles due to wear or damage. I have looked at various ways before to get started in this business. At the moment I think the most compelling is to operate the recycling plant, this is also the most expensive to startup as it requires costly equipment as well as space. Redisa’s collapse has opened up a gap for more private players in this industry. Your business is essentially buying in tyres, recycling and selling the tyre crumb. You can also use the crumb to manufacture various items such as furniture or use it for surfacing.Target market: Manufacturers of sports grounds, shoe manufacturers (soles), mat manufacturers, construction (rubber asphalt roads)

Marketing ideas:

Equipment needed: Tyre debeader, tyre cutter, tyre shredder

Materials needed:

Startup cost: > R100 000

More details: Tyre Recycling

Related opportunities:

Industry: Recycling

Type of business: Manufacturing

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