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    Equipment is a tool used to make a product, or as part of a service. Equipment can also be hired out in a hiring business.

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    Heat Press

    • Ken
    • By Ken

    A heat press is a machine used in heat transfer printing to apply heat and pressure to a transfer paper that has been printed onto to allow the printed image to transfer and adhere to the desired item you want to print.

    Some heat presses have more than one use. For example a flat clamshell press that is marketed as a t-shirt press can be used to print onto a compatible flat surface such as a tile. Whereas a ball press can be used to print onto ornaments as well. You also get “all-in-one heat press machines” that has various attachments. I don’t advise you get an all-in-one. If you running a shop Get a separate flat/t-shirt press and mug press. As if the element on the all in one beaks all attachments won’t work and you won’t be able to take on more work. But if you have separate machines you can still use the one while the other goes in for repair and still make some money. The only extra attachment the all-in-one has is a plate attachment and that is not very popular anyway.

    Types of heat presses
    Flat heat press (popularly used for t-shirts)
    Mug heat press
    Ball heat press
    Cap heat press
    Plate attachment for heat press (used to print onto ceramic plates)

    Uses for heat presses
    T-shirt transfer printing
    Customised jigsaw puzzles
    Transfer vinyl application
    Mug printing
    Ball Printing

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